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Vi tilbyde alle brugere en support.cadence.com konto som et led I vedligeholdelses/maintenance/ESO aftalen. Support.cadence.com giver dig direkte hjælp når du har behov for det - 24 timer i døgnet.
Cadence skriver følgende omkring Support.cadence.com

Support.cadecenc.om online customer support puts the help you need within easy reach. As our customer with a valid Registration Key, you can setup your account, update your profile, define your preferences, and start taking advantage of the many benefits of Cadence online support.

Search online through more than 20,000 Silicon Package Board Design documents, such as FAQs, notifications, software updates, and technical solutions – which give you step-by-step instructions to solving known problems. You'll find the answers you need, when you need them—and Cadence adds more documents every day. You'll also have product-specific email notifications, up-to-date release information, full site search capabilities, and much more!


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