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Online training: Terms and conditions of purchase

Terms of purchase

Nordcad Systems A/S / Nordcad AS makes it easy, safe and guarantees no unwanted surprises when making an online purchase. Below you can see our full terms of purchase.

Deadline for Corporate Customers: Courses, Consultations and Membership Services
Our courses that are sold to the corporate market do not have any buyback unless this has been disclosed by the seller or information about the buyback is given during the purchase process / on the purchase side. Any buyback will only apply according to the terms given on the purchase page or in the purchase process.



Any warranties given in connection with the purchase of the product may be used only if the prerequisites for the warranty are met and that written notice is given to us no later than the warranty expires. If you wish to make use of any agreed warranty, we request that you prove that you have completed your part of the agreement. By using the warranty, all access to the course portal and associated services will be terminated as a result of the refunded course amount.


Online Payment

We accept Visa and MasterCard through our Affiliates Paypal. All transactions are sent encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and are 100% secure.



Copyright © applies to Nordcad and its respective partners. All rights are protected. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, publish or modify any material found on in this Training Portal, made by Nordcad.


Terms of use of the Training Portal content

You purchase access to the portal content during the course period. Nordcad products are protected by copyright. The product is only given for personal, non-commercial use.

You may not use the product or materials available in the product in a manner that violates our rights, or in a manner that has not been authorized by Nordcad. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, publish, upload, post, transfer, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit or distribute any materials from the product in any manner or medium (including e-mail or other electronic means). Duplication, sharing, or uploading of product files for sharing on websites is considered to steal and will be notified to the extent that the law allows for it.

In addition, you may not share access password to the Training Portal with any other person, and you may not copy or download any parts of the online training material to offline use. The Training Portal can only be used in an online setting and with a valid payment agreement.

Nordcad offers individual course programs. Upon registration you will receive username and password, and a member profile for use during the course and in the private member portal. If you wish to take courses with a business partner or partner, each individual must purchase the course individually. If you want an assistant or a whole group to attend the course, a separate membership will be required for each participating member



We respect your privacy and must insist that you respect the privacy of others attending the course. Thus, this is a mutual agreement on confidentiality. We respect your confidential and confidential information and ideas, plans and business secrets. By purchasing this product, you agree to respect the same rights of course participants and representatives of Nordcad and employees of its partners.

You are free to discuss your personal results from our courses and assignments. On the other hand, all experience and statements, oral or written, from all other participants or Nordcad, must be kept strictly confidential.


Security & Privacy

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means that all orders are encrypted, ie completely secure. Nordcad guarantees that we will never deliver your personal information or e-mail address to third parties. You are entitled to receive the information we have registered about you and if you believe it is incorrect or irrelevant, you may request correction or removal from our customer register. If so, contact customer service. Read more about how we handle your data (GDPA).



Nordcad and our partners disclaim us all financial requirements related to any of our websites, videos, newsletters, course portals or other content. We have done everything we can to ensure that the content is of high quality. By purchasing this course, you accept and agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and results from participation in the course. We offer no guarantees of income or results. You alone are responsible for your actions and your results depend on personal factors, including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business sense, network and financial situation, to name a few.


Cancellation and postponement

Nordcad AS reserves the right to cancel or expel the course due to reasons beyond Nordcad AS control. In case of cancellation on participants' initiative, the course fee will be refunded. Upon postponement from Nordcad initiative, the course participant will be offered a participation at a later date.


Limitation and responsibility

By purchasing this product you agree that you use the company's services at your sole discretion and that the program is an information service. You release the company and its employees, its partners and partners' employees from liability for any damages that may arise and any claims that may arise in connection with agreements between the parties. You accept all possible risks, predictable or unpredictable.



This agreement cannot be transferred by any of the parties.



By purchasing this product, you agree that Nordcad may, at its sole discretion, terminate this agreement and limit, suspend or terminate the customer's participation in the Program without Refund of the Course Fees, if the Customer is disturbing the Company or other participants. This also applies to breach of the terms.


Dispute settlement

If the dispute is not resolved first in negotiations between the parties, a dispute or dispute in connection with this agreement may be sent to the Conciliation Board or the court.



Any notice of disagreement given by one of the parties to the other may be by personal surrender or by post, registered or certified by acknowledgment. The notification shall be sent to the parties at the addresses shown below.


Force majeure

Is Nordcad or its partners prevented from delivering or making a necessary replacement - or becomes such an obligation of delivery unreasonably heavy due to labour disputes or any other circumstance when the parties cannot afford it such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military invitations of corresponding scope, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, riots, shortage of means of transport, general product buttons, limitation in the supply of power, and shortcomings or delays of deliveries from subcontractors or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances as discussed in this section are Nordcad AS is exempt from all liability other than in cases of complaint where Nordcad reimburses the purchase price of the defective item.


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