We offer a free OrCAD package!


 Follow the instructions on this page to get your hands on the free license. Until we receive your application for the student license, you can use OrCAD® Lite (trial version) - this is also free for download.


OrCAD Lite includes:

Capture CIS Database  Max. 1000 components
Capture Design  Max. 60 components/75 nets
PCB Editor Design  Max. 50 components/100 nets
PSpice A/D  Max. 75 nodes


Get your hands on the OrCAD package right now!

User name: dlnordcad
Password: iwantTHAThotfix


Have you already installed OrCAD?

Here's how you get started with using the programmes.


What's possible with OrCAD?

We've created a bunch of exercises to help you learn the features.


Instead of using OrCAD Lite, you can upgrade to a full OrCAD package including all tools! - For free!

In agreement with Cadence, we offer all electronics students a free, full OrCAD software package.

The full OrCAD package includes tools for:

  • Schematic design
  • Component management
  • PCB design
  • PCB routing
  • PSpice simulation


It is completely free of charge to use the OrCAD package during your entire education. You will be provided with all the right tools to support your projects.

 NB: Access to the full license is only possible with a valid license file!



I would like to apply for a student license!

NB: You need to be enrolled in a Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland!

To access a license, we ask you to fill out the form below.
When registerring for a license, you automatically sign up to our newsletter.



In a second you will receive an email from us with a Cadence certificate. Please fill this is correctly as demonstrated in the email, and send it back to us: info@nordcad.dk 

You will need to fill in you computer's Ethernet Adapters MAC address - here's a video tutorial that shows you how to find it:

Find Ethernet Adapters MAC address


 Remember to send back the certificate as described in the email


Please note that your license should be renewed every 12 months!


We're almost done!

In a few days you will receive the full license file in an email from us, and you are now ready to configure the file. 

If you have problems with the configuration, here's a video tutorial that guides you through the process.



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