Device Modeling Interface (DMI)

Learn to simulate a micro controller in PSpice - in the new version 17.2 this is far easier than before. A wizard guides you to create the model in PSpice, and the code that associates your DMI to PSpice is autogenerated. This model you can programme in C/C++, and it can be used as a micro controller. It can for example calculate, count, etc. Below you see an example of what it is capable of.


 Create a DMI with the following properties:

  • Part type: Digital C/C++
  • Interface type: Clocked
  • No global parametres
  • No device parametres
  • Save it in the folder where you keep your OrCAD projects
  • Port entry:
    • 1x CLK port
    • 1x IN port
    • 1x OUT 10-bit port



Once you've made your DMI, create a library (an .olb file) that you can use in OrCAD Capture. An .olb file includes the necessary data that make it possible to use the DMI as a normal component with its own symbol in Capture. Use 1 Digital Stimulis from the PSpice components, that you can use as a CLK signal with a frequency and 1Hz.


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