Active band-pass filter 2

To do this exercise, you should have finished Exercise 10 in the "Schematic and simulation exercises"


 Make a PCB from your schematic



Include the following components and properties in your PCB


3 through-hole headers, pitch: 2,54mm til

  • input and ground (2 pin header)
  • output and ground (2 pin header)
  • V+, V-, ground (3 pin header)


A through-hole IC socket with 8 pins for TL072
  • Pitch: 2,54mm


5 through-hole resistors ø2,3mm x 6mm



2 ceramic 0,1µF capacitors

  • Pitch: 2,54mm


Optionally 2 pcs 100nF ceramic decoupling capacitors close to the TL072 power supply pins

  • Pitch: 2,54mm


Video tutorials

From schematic to PCB design and netlist


PCB Design and making gerber files






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