Arduino Shields

Have you ever thought of making your own Arduino Uno Shield for your projects, that you find on the Internet? We have made a Arduino Uno Shield template, that you can use for easily making a shield. An Arduino shield is just a PCB that can be connected to an Arduino Uno without any cables. Below you can see an example of one that shows numbers.



You now have to make a shield that has 8 LEDs that emulate 8 bits or 1 byte.There is a button and a potentiometer as well.


The button can be used to play with the interrupts and digital inputs. The potentiometer can be used to practice with some basic examples that utilize the ADC. The LEDs are connected to the Arduino's digital ports (5-12). The buton is connected to the Arduino's analog input port A2. 




 Your components:


8x through-hole

  • LED 3mm


9x through-hole resistors

  • ø2, 3mm x 6mm


1 buttonDTS62R



1 Potentiometer ACP

  • 9mm


4x through-hole male headers

  • Pitch: 2,54mm


Do you wish to use other components and are you missing footprints?


Then watch the video tutorials under the Tips & Tricks section, where you can learn how to find more symbols and footprints, as well as how to make your own footprints. In this exercise you get the chance to see how you make a simple footprint for a LED.


Download files for Arduino Uno Shield

The .zip files contain all the necessary files, that you need to make a Arduino Uno Shield.
Open the file with a programme that reads .zip files.

zip (27.3 KB)


Video tutorials

Making a schematic in OrCAD Capture


Shield PCB design





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