Follow these instructions to start a PCB design from your schematic

Want to make a printed circuit board for your project?


Use PCB Editor!


  With PCB Editor you can create a very simple PCB


 Or a more complicated one like a computer's motherboard


 Do you already have a schematic from which you wish to create a PCB? 


In order to create a PCB, your schematic needs to be compatible. This means that there should be footprints for every single component. After this is done, you can easily create a netlist and design the PCB in PCB Editor. If your PCB needs to be sent to production, then you have to create "gerber files". The gerber files contain very important information about the PCB that the fabricator has to use to produce your PCB. It is a good idea to have a PCB template beforehand with the properties that you want most of your PCBs to have. This way, you don't need to type in the properties (size, trace width, shape etc.) each time.


Here's how you start a PCB design

We created some exercises to help you get started. You will learn how to create a PCB template, how to make your schematic compatible, how to create a netlist, how to design a simple PCB etc. 

--> Go to PCB design exercises





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