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Our Approach to Sustainability

At Nordcad Systems, we recognize the importance of sustainability. We are committed to implementing practices that help reduce our environmental impact and promote responsible resource use. Our initiatives focus on improving efficiency, minimizing waste, and supporting community well-being.

Learn more about our efforts and see how we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future here.

Nordcad’s Whistleblower Arrangement

All inquiries are treated and kept confidential.

The whistleblower arrangement allows all Nordcad employees, management and board of directors, customers and external partners, to report any potential misconduct against our organization.

We are committed to maintain a work environment that encourages ethical behavior, integrity, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

This arrangement is designed to provide protection for individuals to report their concerns or complaints regarding potential misconduct and/or wrongdoing.

Reports can be made through an integrated form on our website, where the respondent can be anonymous.

We are committed to treating all whistleblower reports with strict confidentiality to the extent allowed by law and maintaining the anonymity of the whistleblower. Nordcad guarantees that no negative consequences will arise for a party who has reported in good faith.


What can be reported?

Reports can be made regarding irregularities and breaches of legislation, as well as violations of Nordcad's Corporate Compliance Program:

  • Anti-corruption
  • IT-security
  • Competition law
  • Power of attorney
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Contractual Risk Management
  • Document management and storage

Who can report?

All Nordcad employees, management, and board of directors of Nordcad and third parties like customers and suppliers can file reports.

How do you report?

Reporting can be done in the following ways:

  • Through anonymous form submission on any Nordcad website
  • Employees and management can contact Nordcad’s delegated whistleblower personnel – in person or by telephone.

Who handles the reports?

Reports are handled confidentially by Nordcad’s delegated whistleblower personnel:

  • Ole Ejlersen
  • Ulrich Tejg Jespersen

Protection of personal data

Which information is recorded?

The system can be utilized to report various concerns, including financial crimes, substantial violations of workplace safety regulations, environmental pollution, physical violence, sexual offenses, and more.

However, reports related to HR matters like salary dissatisfaction, interpersonal difficulties, violations of smoking and alcohol policies, etc., will be promptly removed from the IT system and forwarded to the appropriate department at Nordcad.


Reporting can be done anonymously. Only the report is registered in the system. The system does not log the IP address from which the report was filed.

Modification of filed reports

If you discover you have provided incomplete or incorrect information, you have the option to submit a new report referencing your previous submission and indicating the necessary corrections.

Disclosure of recorded information

Information received through Nordcad’s submission form will never be disclosed to other than Nordcad’s delegated whistleblower-personnel, except when required by law, ruling/decision from a court of law or similar.

Deletion of recorded information

The recorded information will be retained only for the duration of its necessity. Once the information becomes irrelevant, it will be promptly deleted.


If you have any questions regarding the protection of personal data, please contact either Ole Ejlersen or Ulrich Tejg Jespersen.

    If you wish to remain anonymous, please be aware that uploading files, including documents, videos, photos, etc., may inadvertently reveal your identity.

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    If you wish to remain anonymous, do not fill in the fields below.

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